Health care is evolving.
We can help you evolve with it.

Transformative Care

There are many hurdles that need to be overcome to bring a product to acceptance and completion. We can help you develop a system that not only will meet the HIPAA and PIPEDA requirements but help you transform the lives of your clients.

Patient Information

The key to quality healthcare is the right information at the right time to the right people. We use the latest computer security measures to make sure that patient privacy is maintained while getting the best and most relevant information to those that need it.

Provider/Patient Applications

Healthcare systems need to be as portable as you are. We will make your application work in any environment and meet the needs of all of your different types of users. Personal health devices and other healthcare applications can be connected to your system using APIs to give a robust environment to your users.

System Integration

To get a complete picture of patient health you may need to connect to other systems. We have the expertise in HL7 and interfacing as well as medical data analysis to bring foreign system information into your application and help get your data into foreign systems. This will ensure that patients and providers will have access to the highest quality information.


Technology will help improve the lives and work of everyone in healthcare. Have us help you make that impact.

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